FIRE Retardant - Safety Camp Mat Ultra Long Comfort
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Sleep on technology and comfort.

  • Ultra long 190cm x 55 cm (6 foot 2 inches long)
  • with ASI™ (Advanced Silver Insulation) backing
  • Blue colour
  • As used in the award winning Backpack Bed™

We designed the globally multi-award winning, sitting in museums Backpack Bed™.  Question?

  • Do you think we are going to use a cheap potentially lethal / cancer causing camp mat you can buy from everywhere?
    Answer. No.
  • Or do you think we are going to create something hi-tech that should probably win awards also?
    Answer. Yes. Introducing the 'Backpack Bed™ - Safety Camp Mat'.
The Backpack Bed™ - Safety Camp Mat - is world class research and development.

When sleeping on a Safety Camp Mat - consider these key features :
  1. Fire safety (click)
  2. Chemical safety (click)
  3. Mildew Resistant (click)
  4. Virtually Odourless (click)  - we want to say it has no smell, but lawyers are a conservative bunch, so we say 'virtually'.
  5. Comfort with ASI Protection (click)
  6. Does it help anyone? (click)

1. Fire Safety

Could be the ONLY Fire Retardant camp mat in Australia.
Meets strict European Child Toy Flammability Tests.

Sure you sleep around a spitting log fire to keep warm - while slowly drifting off to sleep. But if our fire safety feature is no big deal - what about deadly cancer causing chemicals?

2. Chemical Safety

The Backpack Bed™ - Safety Camp Mat is 100% one of the chemically safest camping mats in Australia ... may be the southern hemisphere.

For your safety, the Backpack Bed™ - Safety Camp Mat is Independently lab tested to three major international standards:

  1. EN71 Part 2
  2. EN71 Part 3
  3. EN ISO 13184-1

Ask yourself why does a mattress need to be tested?

Like you, we hate the feeling of sleeping on a potential fireball mattress with cancer causing leaching chemicals and elements such as Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and more.

Fact, unlike other smart countries, in Australia there are no laws for camp mat safety. For your own safety - do this simple challenge, go to any camp mat retailer and ask if the camp mat they sell uses safe chemicals and meets international standards? Watch them say "errrr ... I don't know" ... or the very ridiculous "Well they wouldn't sell it if it was not safe". Don't you watch TV, wouldn't they?

Your life depends on not falling into chemical or safety ignorance.

Please understand that manufacturers make products to pass the countries laws they sell in. So if you live in a country like Australia - which has no laws or standards for camping mats - be very worried. Safety costs big money, which is why, companies would spend marketing dollars and would freely tell you if it did meet international standards. But if it's missing, you now know why?

We saw the dangerous big brand products and became scared - which is why we had to create something special with safety in mind.

How safe is the Backpack Bed™ - Safety Camp Mat?
This product is safe enough for kinder garden children to play on.
Our independent lab tests also show our camp mats DO NOT contain:

  • Lead (Pb)
  • Antimony (Sb)
  • Arsenic (As)
  • Barium (Ba)
  • Cadmium (Cr)
  • Chromium (Cr)
  • Mercury (Hg)
  • Selenium (Se)
  • Formaldehyde (CH2O)

Plus again, it meets European Children's Toy flammability tests.

To do the above is serious Research and Development - only the best for you and your children.

3. Mildew Resistant

Do you like the smell of mildew in the morning? We don't.
Mildew is unhealthy and will cause you more grief than you want e.g. asthma and skin irritation.

The Backpack Bed™ - Safety Camp Mat is mildew resistant.

4. Virtually Odourless

We can't smell anything. But lawyers want to be safe, so we say virtually odourless - just in case there is someone out there that has an amazing sense of smell.

Point. Smell the mat you sleep on. If you can smell something - you are most likely inhaling chemicals. As we highlighted, most likely not safe. It has nothing to do with smelling new or winning a tough man competition because you can handle smelling noxious chemicals while you sleep. Remember, many dangerous chemicals are odourless.

5. Comfort with ASI Protection

Ultra Long comfort at 190cm x 55 cm (6 foot 2 inches long).

As the designer of the Backpack Bed™, I laid on concrete, marble, hard floors and more. It is 10mm thick safe comfort.

The ASI (Advanced Silver Insulation) backing it has - could also save your life.

You've seen people wrapped up in silver foil in disaster zones right? Well this same thinking helps our camp mat keep you warm. People can die or become very sick if they sleep on a cold surface. ASI Protection™ helps :

  • reflect your body heat back into you
  • create a barrier to the cold surface
  • a better night sleep

Are you tall like me?
I am 195cm ... 6ft 5 inches.  It is long enough and very comfortable for me. Enjoy.

We're famous for the Backpack Bed™ and now the Safety Camp Mat that goes inside.

You cannot buy this special formula mattress anywhere else in the world.


6. Does it help anyone?

Firstly, the Backpack Bed - Safety Camp Mat helps you sleep safer and more comfortable.

Secondly, sales of this super comfort insulated hi-tech camp mat.
100% assist the operations of 
Swags for Homeless.

NOTE. To ensure delivery quality. If a single Safety Camp Mat order is added to a single Backpack Bed™ order placed at the same time (they will be added together and will fit in the same box - no extra postage cost to order).  If ordered singular, it is boxed separately and we will have to charge additional postage accordingly.

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