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Affordable carbon shafts from Easton. Comes with CB inserts

Spine Size

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

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Easton PowerFlights all carbon shafts have long been the affordable Easton hunting carbon shafts on the market.

The Easton Powerflight shafts come fitted with Easton Super Nocks and Easton CB Inserts.

The PowerFlight is .006 in Straightness.

We cut arrow shafts at carbon to carbon length.  This way if you fit Easton Uni bushing nocks, Pin nocks or use a different style of nock your arrows will be be the same.

The Easton PowerFlight shafts are sold in 1dz lots so you need to select one size.  If you cut the arrows you can not send them back if you change your mind.

The Easton PowerFlight shafts are commonly used for hunting and recreational archery due to the price.

Target archers will normally select a straighter all carbon shafts which is more expensive.
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Title : sturdy with good penetration
Review : sturdy with good penetration

Name : Anonymous
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Title : cheap, robust, fairly accurate
Review : cheap, robust, fairly accurate not super duper accurate For the money a bargain Gus the Hack

Questions (35)
Hey guys just wondering which spine is correct for 44lb - 51lb weight with a 28.5 inch draw shooting a diamond edge sb 1...?

At that draw weight, 500 spine will work. We would recommend purchasing arrows that spine to the bows maximum draw weight for safety though.

What is the 'full length' of Easton Powerflight 340 carbon shafts please...

Sorry for the delay. Did you still need this info?

G’day peeps! I’m shooting a pse stinger 3G at 63 64 pounds with a drew Length of 25” and arrows cute to 26 1/2” just wondering what size spine y’all Suggest I use.?

Hi there. We suggest 400, but you can verify this on an arrow chart. Here's a link that you would find helpful. https://www.apexhunting.com.au/p/victory-vforce-sport-fletched-x12/VA-VFS-xxxFQ-12 If there's anything else we can help with, don't hesitate to contact us or drop into our shop. Good luck from the team at Archery Supplies

Hi, I'm shooting a PSE StingerX at 60lb and 30" draw. Is 340 a suitable spine for hunting with 125gr broadheads?


I'm shooting a 61pound bow 28 inch draw length. What spine would be suitable. Thanks

400 or 340 depending on bow and point weight

Do you sell any aluminium or fibreglass arrow shafts just by themselves, no nocks, no inserts and no fletchings just the arrow shaft


can i get these shafts without nocks? and if so how much cheaper will they become? thanks.

No the nocks are put in the shafts by easton

Can you cut these at 29 inch carbon to carbon excluding nocks and hardware? thanks


Hey guys looking at getting some Easton power flight arrows I shoot a 36 pound recurve, 29.5 inch draw, looking at using a 100-125 grain point, what spine would you recommend for this

The 500 is the lightest and to stiff. You should need 700 spine arrows.

Hi I have a 50 pound recurve and I am using 100grain points and have a 27 inch draw and I am shooting of the shelf,what spine size would be suitable ,thanks

Powerflight the lightest they make is 500. They may be close. You may need 600.

Just wondering whether or not the arrows come with inserts, or do you have to buy them separately?

Yes come with inserts

Do these come with nocks and inserts for RPS ?


Hey what size are the inserts just wondering what size tip to use 340 spine


How do you measure arrow length? From nock groove to cut end at the point? Ta..Pete

I measure Arrow Shaft length. As you can fit different nocks. Arrow length for charts is middle of the nock to the end of the point. Not sure that 1/2" matters for most things - 1/2" will be 5 grains. Even spin is depends on points, bow, string etc and 1/2" is really not a big factor. If you are getting arrows cut measure the shaft size so they are the same.

Just wandering wat grains per inch these are. Trying to find a cheaper side hunting arrows for my 14 chill r 70# 28.5 draw Thanks

Grains per inch - is how much the shafts weigh per inch of shaft - so the average carbon shaft may be 9 grains per inch - a fast carbon will be 6 grains per inch.

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